China Chifeng International Economic & Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd.
China’s client
【Background】China Chifeng International Economic & Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. is engaged in labor export and project contracting service. With strong government background, it is highly trustworthy among the existing customers. However, its international reputation is not high enough, and its credit certification costs are relatively high during new market and new customer development, so the development period is long.
【Experience of using D&B DUNS Registered】
“People are hard to manage, so labor export service enterprises must have reliable qualifications to win the trust of overseas customers. We think it is the most effective way to get the trust of customers to verify and disclose the enterprise background and qualifications through an authoritative third party.”
“We value D&B’s global brand influence, overseas customers always find difficult to know the real situation in China, so our qualifications can be proved through D&B D-U-N-S Registered™ Services.”
“We think D&B Registered™ Services is valuable for us, and we believe it can bring us a long-term benefit.”

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